STOP replacing cloning collars!

·  Heat Sterilizable
·  Engineered to last
·  Food Grade
·  2 year warranty
·  Patent Pending
·  Discrete Shipping


Growers know that re-using cloning collars eventually results in failed clones. While cleaning cloning collars between grow cycles requires extra work and can decrease rooting rates or root density.

PermaClone™ collars have been engineered to prevent failed clones by providing a heat sterilizable collars which fit EZ-Clone®, TurboKlone or Power Cloner™ systems. Stop spending time trying to clean cloning collars or money replacing them. PermaClone collars are engineered for continuous reuse and will keep you in production and out of the hydro store! 

So, what's so special about PermaClone?

Heat Sterilization:

Currently available cloning collars are not heat sterilizable...and chemical sterilization has a number of issues beyond assaulting their chemical bonds. PermaClone collars don't have these problems. PermaClone collars can be dry heat sterilized, pressure cooked, or autoclaved to kill bacteria and fungi without harsh chemicals. 

UV Light & Chemical Sterilization:

Another subject involves chemistry; specifically, chemical bonds. Leading brands contain chemical bonds which are susceptible to oxidation by UV light or harsh chemicals like bleach and peroxide. Once this process starts, it propagates itself yielding breaks in the polymer's primary chain. PermaClone collars are made with a proprietary polymer containing resilient chemical bonds that resist oxidation more effectively than any leading brands of cloning collars. So feel free to use them as a top cap while chemically sterilizing cloning systems!

Ease of Cleaning:

Do you soak you collars in cleaning solutions between cloning cycles? PermaClone collars' central gap has multiple functions, but one is to allow soaps and other cleaning agents to access the point of plant contact more effectively; and not so large that water leaks from your cloner. Stop spending time opening each collar in order to provide a thorough wash or rinse cycle. 

Roots Growing into your Collars?

Another issue with conventional cloning collars are die-cut surface which expose the pores and crevices of the foam they're made from. Each crevice is a huge increase in surface area where roots, fungi and bacteria can grow. PermaClone collars are molded as a single unit with an improved surface chemistry to prevent roots penetration and limit bacteria and fungal infestation. 

Engineering for Durability!

There was a scene in Jurassic park where Gennaro asks little Tim if a device he's holding is heavy. Tim replies "Yeah" and  Gennaro follows with "Then it's expensive, put it back." Well, sometimes quality weighs more...or is a bit denser. PermaClone is denser than other brands. This would have been a problem BUT PermaClones' unique ellipsoid shape and central gap decrease the force applied to the stem while increasing the force applied to the cloning system. Newton's third law has been stifled so you have a long lasting collar!