As a Biochemist and Engineer with a passion for sustainable agriculture and ecology, I developed PermaClone to tackle the issue of time, effort and cost replacing traditional propagation and cloning collars. But as a perfectionist and an advocate for eco-ethics, I wanted to create a long-lasting, heat resistant collar that could maintain food-grade status while being exposed to oxidizers such as bleach and peroxide and UV light, without using petrochemical-based plastics. After a lot of research and experimentation with polymer chemistry, I achieved my goal by selecting molecular bonds that resisted oxidation, heat, and UV light while minimizing monomers derived from petrochemicals. The result was a durable, re-usable collar that meets food-grade guidelines and represents the ultimate form of recycling--reusability!

In addition to the polymer blend, I incorporated nano-particles into the design of PermaClone to enable microwave sterilization, a popular feature among growers. Chemical sterilization was also important to me, which is why I shaped the collar in an ellipse with a gap in the center that can be easily accessed for effective dunk-based sterilization. PermaClone has been 3rd party tested and approved for continuous use by both EU and US food-grade standards, and our collar sizes are compatible with a variety of popular cloning systems.

My goal in sharing this knowledge is to promote PermaClone as the best cloning puck on the market for hydroponic, deep-water culture, and aeroponic systems. Whether you're a professional grower or a DIY enthusiast, PermaClone can improve your efficiency and yields while decreasing long-term costs in time and money, all while being environmentally friendly. Thank you for supporting our mission of sustainable agriculture and ecology. #PermaClone #getsterilegetcloning

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