The Only Easy to Sterilize, Food Grade, Chemical Resistant & Microwavable cloning Collar. 

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PermaClone Featured in HighTimes!

High Times Picked PermaClone as a Top 'Hot Product' for Cannabis Cultivators!

PermaClone Featured in HighTimes!

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We haven't seen any fade at all. We soak them in oxidate 2.0 instead of baking them. They are VERY durable after a year of constant use.

Subduedexcitement #IG

Now I can use my cloner without any hassles thanks to PermaClone! I just put these in the microwave and blam!

Malachi_acid #IG

Shoutout to PermaClone for having the best AeroCloner collars out there. As soon as I opened the box and felt these, there was no turning back! Thanks again guys!

PassionGreens #IG

Been using the same clone recipe for 3+ years, the only thing I switched up recently was the collars, and my roots have never been the same! Permaclone FTW

Hungry_grower #IG

Finally joining the revolution! If you're on the fence these things are legit. And the few pages of info/tips you get are pretty sweet too. Thanks

Dairy_land_farms #IG

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Sterilizing PermaClone Collars is easy...

Quick Rinse

Then Microwave...

...15 min with 1 cup of water.

Gap Allows Dunk-Based Sterilization prying open each collar to ensure exposure.

PermaClone collars can be heat sterilized!

...Check out our microwave sterilization protocol!

Efficient Dunk-Based Sterilization

Transition to Any Growing Medium

PermaClone knows where Roots Belong!