Who We Are

PermaClone is the leader in plant collar design supplying durable, cutting-edge products built to last. Our plant collars are engineered with sustainability in mind — helping eliminate media, cut costs, maximize production, boost operational efficiency — and build a better bottom line.

Sustainable designs built to last

Our Story

PermaClone was created by Michael Goldsmith in 2012 to eliminate the time and effort of replacing—or trying to sterilize—traditional plant propagation collars used in aeroponic cloning. You can learn more about why Michael created PermaClone in the article Improving Hydroponic Cloning Success, Efficiency & Ecology. There you'll learn that creating PermaClone was a tall order from all angles: chemistry, Food Grade Status, durability, chemical resistance, heat resistance, microwave sterilizability. All while keeping ecology, sustainable practices, and eco-friendly chemistry in mind.