Why PermaClone


Reusing traditional cloning collars eventually results in failed clones because they cannot be sterilized or sanitized between clone cycles.  

PermaClone™ collars are the only plant collar that can be efficiently sanitized and sterilized due to their shape, chemistry, and heat tolerance.

PermaClone provides collars fitting the top propagation and clone systems sold worldwide, including EZ-Clone®, TurboKlone, Oxyclone, Power Cloner®, OXYclone, Clone King, Psycloner, 2" - 5.5" net pots.

Stop spending time attempting to clean traditional cloning collars or money replacing them. PermaClone collars are for continuous reuse. With Permaclone, you start every cloning cycle with a thoroughly sterilized plant collar.

So, what's so special about PermaClone?


Currently available cloning collars are not heat sterilizable. While chemical sterilization degrades most cloning collars, including neoprene. PermaClone collars can be microwaved, baked, pressure cooked, or autoclaved. These methods ensure complete destruction of bacteria, fungi and their spores throughout the collars in perpetuity with a 5 year warranty to back up these claims.

Effective Dunk-based Cleaning

Do you soak your collars in cleaning solutions between cloning cycles? Do you pry open each collar to ensure complete access of cleaning and sterilizing agents? PermaClone central gap allows cleaning agents to access the point of plant contact with a simple, efficient dunk in your cleaning solution of choice. No more prying open each collar one-by/one for unpredictable sanitization. 


In other applications PermaClone's polymer blend has been shown to last over 10  years under much harsher conditions than aeroponic cloning. Only time will establish our upper limit, but for now, we guarantee fives years of productivity! ...or we'll replace the collars for FREE!

UV Light & Chemical Sterilization

Leading brands contain chemical bonds which are susceptible to oxidation by UV light or oxidants such as bleach or peroxides. PermaClone collars' polymer blend resists oxidation more effectively than any leading brand of cloning collars. This makes PermaClone safe as a top cap while chemically sterilizing cloning systems.

A Point of Plant Contact

Conventional cloning collars have porous surfaces at the point of plant contact. Each pore is a huge increase in surface area where roots, fungi and bacteria can grow. PermaClone collars are molded with a surface that resists root penetration and limits the surface area accessible to microbes. 

Engineering for Durability

PermaClone collars are both stronger and denser than traditional cloning collars; but the ellipsoid shape and central gap decrease the force applied to the stem while increasing the force applied to the cloning system.