Dunk-Base™ Bags

Dunk-Base™ Bags

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Dunk-Base™ Bags are custom-designed for 5-gal buckets or larger. They're chemical-resistant, large mesh for plant debris flow-through, and re-usable.

  • Improve production flow, efficiency & safety:
    • Allows PermaClone™ collars to be collected in batches.
    • Eliminates counting or recounting for each cloning machine.
    • Simplify dunk-based rinsing or chemical sterilization steps.
    • Easy to open and close.
    • Reduce chemical exposure to yourself or your employees.

ATTENTION: Dunk-Base™ Bags ARE NOT heat resistant. They're intended for rinsing, cleaning and chemical sterilization in batches. We are working on a Heat sterilizable option, for now Consider switching to a "Turkey" bag for heat treatment in batches.