Our customers REALLY know what they want and over 90% of our new customers return for future purchases.

We're told all the time from customers that they wished they started out using PermaClone from the beginning. After spending major bucks in hydroponics stores over the years, they come across PermaClone and start changing their grow from the first day they start using it. Now, they're starting to tag on Instagram with their beautiful clones wearing our tried-and-tested clone collars.

We love Instagrammer @komathegrower's feed and were stoked to see that they returned the love with this close-up image of their clone farm, all outfitted with PermaClones. "It all starts right here..." 

Sterilize your PermaClone inserts in your microwave for 15 min, home oven for 2 hours, pressure cooker or autoclave for 30 minutes. Unlike other clone inserts, you KNOW your collars are sterile each round, cutting down on time and effort of replacing or attempting hit-or-miss sterilization of traditional collars. They also resist root penetration found with many of the neoprene inserts.

Just look at these little guys from Instagram user @high_latitude_farms who are using PermaClone collars for all their little Sunset Sherbet babies. No risk of getting roots caught up in the unit, no matter how big or small. 

Cleaning is one of the most significant problems we've experienced from conventional neoprene collars, which is why we focused on making a product that resists roots and cleans up faster and more thoroughly than anything prior. With proper cleaning and the fact that our collars resist root growth, you can expect your PermaClone collars to outlast the five-year warranty—up to 10 years, even under harsh aeroponics conditions.

Instagram user @growandflow seemed pleasantly surprised to discover their clones growing right before their eyes. "I don't know where I'm going to put all of these." It's pretty mind-blowing!

And how about these beauties from @420_beastcoast_420 who says "Another rotation in the ez-cloner. All Locktite (Mt. Rainier x Gorilla Glue #4)

No returns (because we don't have to!)

Sure, we have a rock solid return policy, but we've never had to enact it because we've never met a dissatisfied customer. Payments are super simple through Paypal and shipping is fast as well. If your PermaClone collars break down before the five-year mark we will replace each unit totally free. 

Instagrammer @cannabiskinggardens is "so happy to not have to replace 144 collars every round." It's so wasteful to have to replace collars after every harvest. At $3 a pop, you can use our collars over and over again, making them more economic after each new use. They are using the TurboKlone® - Clone King® Retrofit (46mm/1.8") Collars.

Learn more at permaclone.com and be sure to follow us on Instagram and join the over 5000+ followers who are already learning about the best aeroponics and DWC cloning collar.

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