I hit up IndoExpo Colorado this year and among tons of awesome like-minded people, I spent some time chatting with the owner of True Liberty Bags. They produce “turkey bags”...a staple for our industry because they store bud well while food grade & 100% impermeable to smell.

BUT, at PermaClone, we also love True Liberty Bags because they’re perfect for microwave or heat sterilizing PermaClone collars. They produce easy to store, sterilized batches of collars you can use immediately or shelf until your next cloning cycle.

Problem was, for about a year I have been pushing True Liberty’s “Turkey” size, ignorant to their other sizes amenable to different size cloners and producers. So, this last week, I ordered a sample pack and did some testing and research on the ideal sizes, microwave times, oven sterilization times, AND the CO$T. Below you'll find a quick reference table to choose the cheapest, most efficient, least wasteful methods for your grow. You’ll never go back!

Real Quick, before you check out the table, please read the following bullets for some important guidelines on heat sterilizing PermaClone collars in turkey bags:

For microwave sterilization:

  • Always add the table’s recommended amount of water in your True Liberty bag to prevent hot spots
  • Lay a dish rag between the turkey bag and microwave’s turn-table. Some microwave turntables generate hot-spots that go beyond the bags’ temp tolerances.
  • Do not let the bag touch the top of the microwave where microwave are too concentrated.  
  • Close the bag loose enough so that some steam can escape. Once complete, seal the bag tighter to the collars remain sterile.

For oven/dry heat sterilization:

  • Ensure the bag(s) of PermaClone collars are at least 6” away from the heat source AND on a tray(s) to prevent hot spots found above the heating element/flame. Do not use the boiler!
  • Do not go over the recommend temperature (300 °F or 150 °C). The collars can handle it, but the food grade dyes cannot and will darken.

True Liberty Size

1.8” - 1.9” PermaClone

1.5” - 1 ⅝” PermaClone

Microwave Time, water & Watts

Total Cost*


Time, & Temp

Total Cost**


1 - 32

1 - 47

10 min, ¼ cup, 1000 watts


45 min, 300°F (150 °C)




48 - 110

15 min, ½ cup, 1000 watts


1 hr,  300°F (150 °C)



97 - 144

110 - 180

15 min, 1 cup, 1000 watts


1.5 hrs, 300°F (150 °C)



145 - 200

181 - 360



2 hrs, 300°F (150°C)







2 hrs, 300°F (150°C)


* Microwave: 1.2 kWh x [10 - 15 min]/(60 min/hr) x $0.12/kWh = [~$0.03 - $0.04]
**Oven Coil:  2.0 kWh x [45 - 120 min]/(60 min/hr) x $0.12/kWh = [$0.18 - $0.48]

I’ll be offering the bags on the Permaclone website, but you can also find True Liberty online through their website or Amazon.


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