AeroBlock™ Filter - 1/4

AeroBlock™ Filter - 1/4" - 3/8" Inline Microbe Filter

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AeroBlock™ In-Line filters attach to air-pump to prevent contamination of nutrient reservoirs from airborne dust and debris. We have found that unfiltered air pumps contaminate reservoirs within hours of use, requiring more frequent use of oxidizers or reservoir change-outs to maintain healthy root systems. 

In aeroponic and ebb-and-flow hydroponics, PermaClone has traditionally NOT recommended air-pumps because they contaminate your reservoir and affect nutrient pH. While there are benefits to using air pumps in hydroponics propagation and cloning. One benefit is evaporative cooling of aeroponic reservoirs. Also, stressed cuttings release ethylene gas which will inhibit rooting and cause plant senescence. Lastly, root development has aerobic processes that require oxygen (O2) as apposed to Carbon Dioxide (CO2). AeroBlock™ Filters are absolutely necessary for recirculating Deep Water Culture for sustainable performance. 

PermaClone's AeroBlock filters ensure each grow module has air free of bacteria, fungi, or their spores. Our filters also create a positive flow of filtered air through gaps or spaces in your systems' modules, maximizing oxygen and evacuating ethylene gas. Add them to your systems today and eliminate a key sources of system contamination, while maximizing performance

We recommend one to two filters per module with a change-out of every 4 - 6 months, depending on cleanliness and traffic. Visible debris on the filters' in-let side indicates the need for a change-out. Longer usage times will reduce air-flow and wear on your air-pumps. 

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