PermaClone™ (3.5” x 3.75

PermaClone™ (3.5” x 3.75", 88mm) Plant Collar

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We have our eyes on eliminating media (for example Hydroton or clay pebbles) with PermaClone™ plant collars.

The PermaClone™ 88 is designed for 3.75” inch Net Pots allowing for medium-less cultivation in Aeroponics, Deep Water Culture, and more. This collars is intended for plants that finish just at 1" in diameter with the net pot functioning as a root trellis for you plants. 

These collars will indent where the plant finishes. This point of indentation needs to be considered with reuse of the collar. PermaClone™ collars maintain their overall durability and sterilizability, but the user should start clones at a different point in the collar than the plant will be finished.

We are working on an Info-Graphic to help guide users on the PermaClone™ techniques. In the meantime, email with questions and guidelines.