TurboKlone® - Oxyclone® - Clone King®  Retrofit (46mm/1.8

TurboKlone® - Oxyclone® - Clone King® Retrofit (46mm/1.8") Collars

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Fits TurboKlone® Oxyclone®, Clone King® and many 2" net pots used in DIY cloning systems. Email for samples if you're unsure of the fit. Size: 46mm/1.8"

Fits 25 site Clone King (click here for 36 and 64 site Clone King Collars)


  • The only 100% Heat OR Chemical sterilizable cloning collar
  • Food grade, 3rd party tested to ensure U.S. and E.U. compliance
  • Nano-technology allows microwave sterilization in minutes
  • Shaped to allow efficient, fail-proof Dunk-Based™ sterilization
  • Surface chemistry resists root growth into the collar.
  • Only available from PermaClone™
  • Backed by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

          Compatible with:
                 PermaClone - 5YR Warranty!