PermaClone-$3 EACH..AND WORTH IT!

'I look for what needs to be done.
After all, that's how the universe designs itself'
~R. Buckminster Fuller

People often ask about PermaClone's price--$2.99 each. It is admittedly an expensive upgrade. Meanwhile, my personal goal is to make ecological products accessible to everyone; to democratize ecology!

Here's the problem. Durability, re-usability, ecological design, microwave sensing nano-technology, all while having chemistry that maintains food grade status with regular exposure to sterilizers/oxidizers is not a cheap production.

But let's talk the GOOD NEWS!

The Immediate Pay off

At $3 each, PermaClone pays for itself in convenience and speed of sterilization within the second use. Your time is money! You run a grow, you may even have employees, and with PermaClone you can microwave sterilize 120 - 180 collars in 15 minutes, at 1200 watts. How much does that cost in electricity?'s the math:

1.2 Kw (1200 watts) x 0.25 hrs (15 min) x $0.12 kWh = $0.04

That's 4¢ to sterilize anywhere from 128 - 180 collars, depending on your grow. That is 15 minutes of effortless, unfocused work by you or your employees...while confidently offering sterile collars at your next cloning cycle. The increased cloning rates alone pay for PermaClone.

STILL, I would be remiss if I didn't address the more conservative cost analysis.

The conservative pay off

Collars sized like PermaClone (tall, easy to grab--ergonomic ;) go for $0.50 - $0.65 each. At this price, PermaClone pays for itself after your 4th cloning cycle (at cycle 5). From that point forward, you have YEARS of in-house use with a 5 year warranty to back it up!

The pay-off does depend on how frequently you clone. Let say 6 cloning cycles per year as the minimum. With 5 years of guaranteed use, that's a 5.9x return on investment (ROI). I personally clone every two weeks which yields more than a 25x ROI. I expect to go longer than 5 years with my prototype set. Meanwhile, those who only use them 6x per year can expect their collars to last significantly longer than the warranty. Here's how I did this math:

5 - 6x / year: (5.79 annual use) x (5 years) x $0.61 (ave $/collar) = $17.65/ ($2.99) = 5.9x ROI

biwkly: (26 annual uses) x (5 years) x $0.61 (ave $/collars) = $79.30/ ($2.99 each) = 26.5x ROI

The PermaClone Story

To understand who I am...and why I created PermaClone, please read my article Improving Hydroponic Cloning Success, Efficiency & Ecology. There you'll learn that creating PermaClone was a tall order from all angles: chemistry, Food Grade Status, durability, chemical resistance, heat resistance, microwave sterilizability. All while keeping ecology, sustainable practices, and eco-friendly chemistry in mind.

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